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I have recently received this unusual and wonderful CD from a new group of seasoned performers -


Since 2009 Sytse Buwalda forms a duo with guitarist Saskia Spinder. Famous composer Leo Brouwer wrote and dedicated his Ballade de un dia de julioto them after hearing their performance at the International Guitar Festival Zwolle, as did New York based Greek composer Victor Khioulaphides with his song cycle Violenstraat. In 2011 they asked award winning mandolinist Ferdinand Binnendijk to join them which led to the foundation of the Asteria Ensemble: an ensemble specialised and dedicated to new compositions. This year they await new compositions by Victor Khioulaphides, Pablo Escande, Daan Manneke and Tom Edskes. April 2013 the Asteria Ensemble will release their first cd which will contain several world premieres by a.o.: Leo Brouwer, Victor Khioulaphides.




CD available at Gyre Music
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E. CORDERO EL Carbonerilo. R. WESTERHEIDE: Mistral. E. STOPLER: Luminescence. P. Van der
STAAK: Theme, Variations et Finale; Tombeau. A. KRUISBRINK: Tendresse. A. BARRIOS: Gauota al
E stilo Antiguo ; Oracion para Todos. J. BARTLEMA: Trois Prieres. A. OURKOUZOUNOV: Berceuse: Caprice on an Orthodox Chant. F. WALLACE: Cunctipotens Genitor

Jan Bartlema
DaminusRecords DAM998CD
Jan Bartlema was born in Zwolle in 1959 into a musical family and after studying guitar at Zwolle and Enschede with Pieter van der Staak and Jorge Oraison respectively he furthered his studies under Milan Zelenka. He now lives in the Danish town of Drachten.  

From every perspective this new release is a superb addition to the constantly growing number of guitar CDs released every month. The playing is exemplary; Bartlema’s enviable and seemingly effortless technical facility around the fingerboard allowing him the luxury of phrasing and interpreting the music exactly how he perceives it and the end result is a masterclass in musical presentation.

With eight of the fourteen tracks receiving their premiere recordings (two of which, the Stopler and one of the Ourkouzounov ones, being dedicated to the performer) the majority of the music itself will probably be unfamiliar to most. The quality of this programme adds a further notch on the ‘excellent’ stakes of this disc for there is no single piece in this list, which lets the side down, all being of such high quality writing. There is the virtuosic, moto perpetuo excitement of Reinhold Westerheide’s Mistral; Pieter van der Staak’s Theme, Variations et Finale with its enchanting short theme and the following Manuel Ponce-inspired variations; the performer’s own Trois Prieres, a set of relaxing and meditative prayers, and the final track, a lengthy fantasia based around a Gregorian chant by the American composer Frank Wallace. These are the highlights in a programme of outstanding musical quality.

Add to this extensive and informative sleeve notes and a brilliant recorded sound quality and this makes Oracion a ‘must-have’ disc for all serious collectors of good classical guitar music.

Highly recommended.

Steve Marsh


Thank You Mobius!

For a GREAT debut of More Gargoyles.


In case you haven’t yet seen my latest video Villa-Lobos Prelude #1 played on a 1984 Romanillos, courtesy of Aaron Green and his  I will continue with several more videos on this guitar, a 1955 Bouchet, 1961 Bouchet and 1901 Ramirez.




Never saw this poster until a google search today - wonderful.  Ironic that I recently posted videos from this concert on YouTube.
(via Krista Ferguson Graphic Design - Duo Live Oak)

Never saw this poster until a google search today - wonderful.  Ironic that I recently posted videos from this concert on YouTube.

(via Krista Ferguson Graphic Design - Duo Live Oak)


A newly mastered version of my largest ensemble piece, Mi Jardín de Calla.


A video from last March of my composition On the Sol, in Mi. Most of the melody is played on the 3rd string and the song is in E major. 

Thanks to Neal Ward (recording engineer) and Aaron Green (luthier) for spending an afternoon in Groton with both this fine 2011 Green guitar and an exceptional 1931 Simplicio. This song is available as part of a set called Harlequin in Love at Gyre Music.


Frank Wallace plays Villa-Lobos Prelude #3 at the Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de Belén in Carrión de los Condes (Palencia) España. Wallace was in residence for the month of July 2012 as part of Camino Artes. Guitar by Aaron Green, 2011. Video by Paul Odgren, 2012.